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February 2017

Car Wreck: The Personal Injury Case

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Car accidents are becoming more and more common.  According the the National Safety Council, serious car accidents are on the rise.  In fact, the total estimated cost of these deaths and injuries is $205 billion.shutterstock_161718998 (1)

Unfortunately, anyone might become involved in this type of accident, and it is important that your rights are protected.  The job of the insurance adjuster is minimize claims.   This means minimizing your compensation. If you are involved in an accident follow these steps:



  1. Call the police.
  2. Get the insurance from the other person if you can.
  3. Speak with witnesses and get their names and numbers if you can.
  4.  Call your attorney, 214-566-7969, and let him know.
  5.  Go to the hospital then follow up with treatment.
  6.  Get compensated.  You were hurt. You’ve secured your claim.  It’s time to get paid.

A good attorney will handle all of this for you.  A good attorney will get you treatment and compensation, so you can pursue life.   I’ll be that attorney for you.  Don’t forget to call us, and stay safe, and keep off the two-way highways.