10930903_10102786049715990_6153953845364697178_nAndrew Turner graduated from the University of Texas-Austin School of Law in 2009, and began his practice in Dallas, Texas with a firm in the areas of business and family.  Two years later, Andrew left his firm to begin his own practice.   He has proven himself in civil and criminal courts throughout the DFW.   Whether its a first-degree felony jury trial or a hotly contested divorce, Andrew has demonstrated his skill and has a track record of success, undefeated in jury trials.

Andrew Turner speaks English as his first language and is adept at Spanish as well.   With the help of his good friends and lot of study, Andrew is a self-taught bilingual-speaker who gladly assists those who speak Spanish as a first language or as their only language.  Andrew has truly enjoyed learning Spanish and the beauties of hispanic culture.

Attorney Andrew Turner is a father and husband.   He has a beautiful wife, Julianna, the best daughter, Avery, and a son on the way (name to-be-determined).  Andrew lives in Dallas, Texas and plans to make it his permanent and final home.     2015TurnerFall-20